A mock drill was conducted by Kharagpur division.

A mock drill was conducted by Kharagpur division in coordination with NDRF Team to check the disaster management preparedness of the employees in case of exigencies and disaster situations. The mock drill was conducted at the Nimpura Yard of Kharagpur Division.

The National Disaster Response Team (NDRF) and Kharagpur railway jointly conducted the rescue operations drill to check the preparedness and skills level of the staff during such situations.

The Disaster Response Team was headed by Sr. DSO/KGP Shri Amit Kumar. Teams from Commercial, S&T, Operating, Mechanical, Medical, Engineering, RPF, Civil Defence, Safety and NDRF participated in this drive. The group demonstrated their skills on protection of lives and belongings during such disaster situations.

Setup of hospitals, enquiry cum may I help you booth, First Aid booths, Ex-Gratia payment booths were made at the locations. The hooter was sirened at around 11.30 am from the DRM office, Kharagpur. Staff, Accident relief train, medical van were rushed immediately towards the site and relief work started as soon as possible. Dummies were placed inside the damaged coaches. After the completion of the whole drill, DRM Kharagpur declared the actions as a mock drill.

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